Under My Skin

Under My Skin

The music you hear here has been graciously provided for demonstration by our client. It is posted here with the intention of giving you an opportunity to hear what Rhythmic Canada's Studios can do for your music.

Step 1 - After Arrangement

This is how we got the track from the client.

Step 2 - After Mixing

Here is a list of some of what we needed to do during the mix.

A few problems with the original track as arranged.

  • Her voice is too hidden. It needs more focus. It needs to be way more intimate. Her articulations need more punch.
  • Rhodes is open enough but it needs to be controlled a bit.
  • Beats are all dead straight needs some space.
  • Can't hear the guitar much. There are spots where it fades away.
  • One of the recordings was hurried (2:17 to 2:35). This is the best the client can give us.
  • The Bass, Guitar and Kick Drum have overlapping frequencies at certain points. Will have to fix masking issues.
  • The bottom end needs to be tightened up and it's taking up way to much space in the mix.

Step 3 - After Mastering

This is the final product. Please keep in mind that you're listening to an MP3 but please feel free to compare it with ANY mix.