Why Learn Music Theory

Music Theory is the fundamental knowledge that every musician should have. With it a musician is way more expressive. It's great for DJs, Producers, Vocalists, Band members, etc.

So, why learn Music Theory?

For DJs - Make Those Mixes Stand Out

DJs Need Music Theory

Have you ever done a mix and it just sounds awesome? Aside from your skill at beat matching, it sounds like the tracks you just mixed were made to be mixed together? Most DJs find these tracks accidentally and it takes a long time to develop that perfect set of mixable tracks which is when a DJ puts out a mix tape. This is why DJing is all about how good you are and how long you've been doing it.

Music Theory can explain why these tracks mixed well together. It will give you reasoning so accurate that you will be able to 'see' which tracks go together and continue to put out those awesome mixes. You don't have to wonder if the tracks will mix. You'll be sure of it.


For Music Producers - Glue The Whole Track

Music Producers Need Music Theory

A Producer sees a musical project from start to finish. They have to have a very good grasp of Music Theory so that by understanding what the underlying elements are, they can ensure that the whole project (from Composition, to Arrangement, to Mixing and even Mastering) works musically.

They are able to communicate musical ideas to others in a way that makes sense and this communication is the first step in ensuring that exactly what is in their minds comes out of the speakers.


For Vocalists and Band Members - Improvise And Be Noticed

Vocalists and Band Members Need Music Theory

When working with a Producer, a Vocalist or Band member can really make life easier for the Producer if they understand what the Producer is looking to develop. By knowing Music Theory, Vocalists and Band members spend a lot less time learning notes to be played, and a lot more time developing the music.

It really is awesome when you can learn and play a melody in no time, or better, improvise a melody while everyone looks at you in awe. The benefits of live gigs is obviously apparent here. A happy Producer will always call you back for more.

Music Theory learning made easier

The problem with Music Theory is that it has been developing for over 7000 years and it is a very complex subject to grasp completely. You can literally spend a lifetime just learning theory. This is why most musicians stay away from theory. They tend to be more hands-on. They don't want to have to spend hours learning. They would rather pick up a guitar and start playing.

What we recommend is that a musician should learn some theory. Enough to get started on the right foot. Enough to get slightly ahead of the pack. Then, in time, add more knowledge by spending a little time once in a while picking up new information.

This is exactly why we built this website. The site features tutorials on Music Theory in both text and video formats. There are enough tutorials here to give you that leg up. Videos are easier to learn from so we'll try and get as many Music Theory related videos online as possible. If there is a specific subject that interests you, post up a request on our discussion forum and we'll try and get information up for you.